ZIKA spreading mosquito repelled by Herbal Armor® from Natural Trends

February 11th, 2016

SPRINGVILLE, UT – Natural Trends, LLC, has announced that the company’s Herbal Armor® Natural Insect Repellent from All Terrain® was proven highly effective in repelling the Zika spreading Aedes aegypti mosquito, providing 100% protection for 2 hours and 95.8% protection for 3 hours post-application in independent lab testing conducted at UOGuelph.

“This is huge news for those wanting to offer clients a trustworthy branded repellent effective in reducing the spread of the Zika virus” said Paul Christensen, President of Natural Trends.  “Demand for the product is skyrocketing!”  Per IRI data, Herbal Armor is the #1 retail selling natural, DEET-Free insect repellent, and uses six natural repelling oils. Allergy tested and non-irritating, Herbal Armor® repellent is travel ready, sweat resistant for active lifestyles, and good for those with sensitive skin. It won’t damage clothing or equipment like DEET repellents.  Natural Trends secured exclusive promo channel rights to Herbal Armor® in June 2015 from Rosemont Ventures.

All Terrain’s Herbal Armor® efficacy report may be viewed at NaturalTrends.com.




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